Hardinge Repairs

Wherever you are, we can repair your machines or send you the parts and you can do it yourself.

We sell all the major brands, no matter what brand of DRO you need.

We have parts for your machines, whether you have a model 4-vk or a model 5-vk Atrump.

By cranking the knee all the way up to the bottom of the head, we can help you fix your machine.

Rebuilding machines is like playing with toys for experts like the ones we have in our repair shop.

If you would like us to come out on a regular basis to maintain your milling machines, just let us know.

You need to call us for a list of the parts we have in stock, if your milling spindle needs replacing.

Taking care of your milling machines and lathes is something our repair staff can do for you.

Using the wrong parts when repairing a lathe or milling machine will only cause you more problems.

Check with us to see how our prices compare, when you need a ball screw repair or lathe repair.

You might need a spindle motor repair or just some replacement parts, if your machine has stopped working.

When your machine breaks down, production stops, and that is never a good thing.

We will order parts and have them to you as fast as we can for any machine breakdowns.

If you have a broken milling machine, price is not always the most important factor in getting it working again.

Depending on how big the job is, we can do Bridgeport repairs at your location or ours.

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